Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Forest Born by Shannon Hale

Razo's little sister, Rin who loves her forest more than anything else decides to leave it when the trees who calm her turn away from her after she does something terrible. Will she be able to find acceptance with the trees again? Will she be able to survive the lifestyle of the big capitol city? Most of all, will she be able to understand the evil she feels building in herself?
This Book of Bayern was a bit different and hard to latch onto at times. It didn't quite go the route that I thought it would, which seemed to keep me frustrated at times. I liked, as I always do, being immersed in a land of characters I'm already friends with but struggled with Rin's major conflicts since they were conflicts I couldn't sympathize with. I still enjoyed the overall story of the girls, but just didn't enjoy this main character. Try it and tell me what you thought of this one!

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