Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good As Lily by Derek Kirk Kim

Good as Lily (Minx) Good as Lily by Derek Kirk Kim

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Grace Kwon's 18th birthday celebration with her friends in the park ends rather bizarrely when ends up buying a pinate from a cart instead of ice cream and then when she finally breaks it open it not only lands on her head, but also is EMPTY! :( When she realizes in the night that she's left her cool new t-shirt from her guy pal in the park she sneaks back to get it only to find 3 more versions of herself there. How did this happen? What is she going to do about herself at 6, 29 and 70 strolling about? How will she keep it from her parents? AHHH!
This was actually one of the best young adult graphic novels I've come across. I was beginning to think it was impossible for people to write a graphic novel with any depth! Jeesh! Anyway, this one has given me hope! I'm going to stick to the Minx books and see if there are any others that raise above the shallow waters. Sadly the following article says that DC Comics cancelled the Minx line of books so when the ones they had in production are all out, that's it! How sad! Just when they were getting good. Is this true? Now where do I go for young adult graphic novels? :(

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