Thursday, July 15, 2010

Twilight: The Graphic Novel; Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer and Young Kim

Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1Twilight: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is Twilight in a graphic novel. It's basically the exact story as the novel since it was done with Stephenie Meyer, but I did have some issues with it. My issues are mostly with the actual artwork. I hated the "sweat" drops that were CONSTANTLY on Bella! What the heck!? Yuk! What girl wants to identify with someone who's sweating all the time? Yuk!
Also it was an interesting twist on graphic novels since the graphics are (I think) photographs (they looked just like the movie) and drawings combined in some way. I'm certainly no expert on this, but it didn't always work. Sometimes it felt very weird to see a drawing standing in front of a picture of a car. I was also a bit frustrated that it wasn't the whole book. It was half of the book. That feels very much like a hope for a ride on the money wave that this book has been, which seems a bit naughty to me.
Ok, I'm done now. Overall- I liked it, but wasn't thrilled. It was ok, rather shallow. Of course I bought it for my hs LMC and will certainly get the next one for them as well! This will hook some kids into reading which of course is my ultimate goal as a librarian.

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