Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review: Revolution by Jennifer Donnely

Author: Jennifer Donnelly
From: Library
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Andi is on the edge and breaking apart day by day both visibly and mentally when she should be having the time of her life her Senior year with incredible prospects for her future and surrounded by the the most talented teens. Instead she's mad at her dad who has abandoned them, she's caring for her mother who is falling apart completely, and broken from the death of her younger brother. Her rage and grief are going to destroy her completely soon.

Alex dreams of making her mark on the stages on Paris, but instead is just trying to help keep her family alive when a carriage with the Royal family happens past her playing. After Alex makes the young and incredibly sad dauphin laugh, she is asked to be his constant companion with the sole task of making him happy! Alex never believed that a job that was meant to be her stepping stone would become her doom.

How can love be destroying them? How can love possibly save them now? Will it save them both from themselves centuries apart?

When Andi discovers Alex's diary written hundreds of years before during the time of the Terror in France, their lives become entwined so tightly it might just unravel them both. Two girls both doomed to be unable to save the people they love most, must find a way to save themselves...

WOW! I just finished this one and feel like I've been put through an emotional wringer! The way Jennifer Donnelly draws you in and grabs a hold of you is amazing. She not only made me connect fully to one main character but to two of them! I cried, I held my breath, I panicked, I couldn't put it down...I LOVED it! A must read! Have you read it? What did you think?

PS- If you haven't seen the movie Marie Antoinette, it is a must see. Especially if you liked this book at all Marie Antoinette on
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