Sunday, May 22, 2011

Review: XVI by Julia Karr

Author: Julia Karr
From: Library
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nina Oberon is 15 and will very soon become 16; the age at which all girls are given a Governing Council mandated tattoo on their wrist "XVI"

The XVI announces to the world that she is now available to consent to sex! The media has made sure that all girls think that being a "sex"teen is the coolest and best thing ever! So why doesn't Nina want to turn 16? Why is it a day she dreads more than any other? When Nina's mother is brutally attacked she reveals a shocking secret to Nina with her dying breaths which slams Nina into a chase against time to stay one step ahead of her mother's killer & keeping her sister away from her brutal father, while also trying to fulfill her mother's dying request! Whoa!

This was good but for me had holes where I felt I wasn't getting any explanation about things I really wanted to know about. The biggest thing I usually enjoy about dystopians is the bit where they slyly add in the lesson about how their world went from ours to theirs. This wasn't there at all! :( I kept waiting and waiting for that information and it never came. As a read it was nice though and I'm curious if she'll crank out more based on this one because she very easily could! I would certainly read those to find out what happens with Nina next!

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