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Review: Fateful by Claudia Gray

Author: Claudia Gray
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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Do you like historical fiction? Do you like paranormal stories? What if the two are mixed together?

If you said yes, then you need to read Fateful. The main character,Tess, is a servant in the Lisle household. The Lisles have boarded the Titanic for a trip to the United States, but so have Alec and Mikhail. Both are werewolves; the latter belongs to the Brotherhood, a powerful and evil ancient group; the former wants nothing to do with the Brotherhood and all it stands for. Mikhail takes a disturbing interest in Tess, and Alec must protect her from both himself and Mikhail. Tess, though, is a strong-willed girl who comes to realize she can take care of herself.

This story is full of many twists and turns as the evil Mikhail is hunting for an ancient ceremonial knife in the Lisles possession, tormenting Tess as often as he can get her within reach, and trying to get Alec to join the Brotherhood. Tess’s life as a servant is being turned on its head, and Alec can’t decide if he is good or evil. These twists and turns all take place within the confines of a ship. There is also the dramatic irony that occurs as you the reader know that the ship is on a path of destruction with an iceberg.

General thoughts: All I can say is that at first I was skeptical of the book’s premise (but curious about how Gray would make this all weave together!), so I just started reading and found that I couldn’t put it down. This story is full of adventure, heart-pounding circumstances (both romantic and scary), and a generally happy ending—a hint I give for those of us who hate sad stories that make us cry and fear the Titanic—sad—story element.

P.S. For those who live in Wisconsin, like me, I found out where Alec was bitten. His father is a steel factory owner in Chicago and in the winter when Alec went on a hunting trip to Wisconsin, he was bitten! So be careful:) When Tess hears the story, this is the line that made me chuckle: “I’ve never heard of this “Wisconsin,” which is apparently a dangerous place” (69). Hehehe!
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