Review: Forbidden by Syrie James and Ryan M. James

Author:  Syrie James
Release Date: January 24, 2012
Published by: HarperTeen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Claire Brennan is a regular high school teen who loves going to Emerson Academy. She is hoping that her mom has stopped moving so Claire can stay put for the rest of her high school career. What she doesn’t know is that there is something “other” about her that will soon manifest and call attention to where she is. Two sides will vie for her attention, one to hurt and one to help.

She has two friends she trusts and tells as she begins to see visions and hear a message from a woman telling her she is in danger. (Of course that woman tells her to tell no one!) Claire does meet someone new, Alec MacKenzie, who also seems to have something unique about him. He is someone she comes to love. Should she trust what Alec has to tell her about who and what she is? Can Alec even do what he says and protect her from the danger? If their love is forbidden can safety ever be hers?

My thoughts: LOVED it! James and James set this up so nicely that the conflict in this story is resolved, yet the overarching danger is still present—in other words, when can I expect to read the next book about Alec and Claire? The wings on the book cover reveal the angel fantasy element, which seems to be in many of the new fantasy books I’m picking up, but the authors have created a unique take on the role of angels in the modern world. Read It!
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