Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle

When You Were Mine 
by Rebecca Serle
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Published by: Simon Pulse
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

"What if the greatest love story ever told was the wrong one?"

Before there was Juliet, before there was tragedy, before the anger...there was Rosaline. Sweet, trusting, pretty and intelligent Rosaline, the girl-next-door with the boy-next-door, friends forever. Best friends who are faced with the ultimate question...could they be more than friends? Are they meant to be more than friends? Have they always been destined to be more?

It's all about the choices we make...each one takes us in a new direction. We can't change them and we can't force them; but once the choices are made everything is different. One decision, one moment can change everything...

My Thoughts: Crying...lots of crying! Holy cow...hold on...I have to pull myself together here! I mean it's a retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet right!? I KNEW this was could I have not been ready for it? I truly adore Shakespeare and literally everything that he ever wrote. Studying him through high school, through being an English major in college, with students while teaching his works in English classes, as a librarian with students and on my own literally touches something deep in my soul. He was just so dang brilliant! Here's the deal is Rebecca Serle people! WOW!

When I first heard about this I thought, oh boy...this might be was, but not in that way. The pain was from the heartache because I was SO incredibly attached to these characters...each and everyone of them. Even the ones I thought I hated! How did she do that? I was bawling people! Jeesh!

She has everything in here...the main characters, the secondary characters, the feud, the's just so well done. Plus there are some new characters; Rosaline's best friends are the kind of girlfriends we always hope to find in life and when we do we hold on to them for dear life because we recognize how rare they really are in this world. They will be honest with you when no one else will dare to be and they will hold you up even when you can't hold yourself up. I wish I could pull Charlie and Olivia right from the pages into my own life just so I could give them fierce hugs for being such amazingly tough and wonderful friends to Rose.

Final thoughts: You shouldn't be asking yourself, "Should I read this?" You should be asking yourself, "Why wouldn't I read this!?"

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  1. awesome review and you should read it
    i loved this book