Friday Fun #1

I'm rather addicted to Pinterest from time to time, love to craft and create things, especially things that are re-purposed in a surprising and delightfully functional or decorative way. Now combine all of this with books and I'm in heaven! I'm not sure how often I'll do this but I wanted to share with you some of the fun I've found here and there and everywhere...enjoy!

First up...this amazing bowl that's made out of rolled up magazines over a balloon. When they're dry you just pop the balloon and you magically have a gorgeous and completely original decorative bowl! How fun is that!? about using comic pages to create a beaded bracelet or necklace? Just wrap the pages around cheap costume jewelry and voila! I bet you'd get tons of comments on them! They are just so clever!

Have you found anything clever lately which has gone from book, magazine, newspaper to fun, fabulous and crafty in every sense of the word!? Send it my way or link it up below!