Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Legend by Marie Lu

Author: Marie Lu
Series: Legend, Book 1
Release date: Putnam Juvenile
Published by: November 29, 2011
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

June Iparis is the Republic's golden child in every way. She is the only person who has gotten a perfect 1500 on her Trials. A prodigy. She is smarter, stronger and faster then all of the cadets at the academy.

Day is a criminal on the run; a ghost. A modern day Robin Hood or Swamp Fox who's main goal is to break the Republic while helping his impoverished family stay alive.

When Day's latest burglary into a Repulic facility to steal medicine falls apart and he barely makes it out alive, little does he know that a captain will die, he will be blamed and the top cadet Iparis will begin to hunt Day with every bit of smarts and strength she has.

When these two worlds collide...the Republic will never be the same.

My thoughts: This was a good read and one that I can't wait to recommend to all the people who walk through the library doors looking for a book to fill the impossible gap left after reading the Hunger Games series. This is a perfect book for those who loved the HG series. I really enjoyed the story being told in alternating voices between Day and June, including the very cool difference in font and text color which I didn't even know about for the 1st half since I started the book as an audiobook in the car and then got sick of reading it so slow and grab the real book off my shelves to read instead. What a fun surprise!

The dystopian world Lu has created is interesting to say the least, but I wanted to know more about how the society got this way, why they were so militarized, and how our country as a whole was now set up. There seems to be much more to the world then we are being shown which I'm hoping is revealed in Prodigy, book 2. The characters were decent and I enjoyed watching them develop into more which is what I was hoping for since I had a hard time connecting with them in the beginning. This could be their youth since both main characters are only 15. I have to say that the bad guys in this book are seriously evil; great bad guys. I can't wait to see where Lu goes with this story because there seems to be SO much more to hear.

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