Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: People Who Said No: Courage Against Oppression by Laura Scandiffio

People Who Said No: Courage Against Oppression 
Author: Laura Scandiffio
Release date: September 1, 2012
Published by: Annick Press
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have you ever wondered why some people have the courage to stand in the face of oppression while others cower in fear? Have you ever wondered just what it takes to be strong and protest against regimes of terror? Have you ever wondered whether you would have the courage to face down injustice?

Laura Scandiffio’s book includes seven stories about seven people (or groups of people) who had the courage to stand up and say “no” to oppression. Scandiffio covers several countries and time periods, from the White Rose of Nazi Germany to the recent Egyptian uprising.

My Thoughts: What you will find is a fascinating non-fiction journey. I don’t often read non-fiction for pleasure, but these stories were written through the eyes of each person/group Scandiffio features. While I read, I felt like I got to know the reasons behind each person’s choices and the will it took to stand up when many others weren’t.

My blog partner, Ange, asked me if this was a depressing book, but in reality it was very inspiring. It showed the power that one person and one voice can have. It also showed how much inner-strength it takes to overcome your own personal fears in the face of injustice.

I could see myself using this book in my classroom—very easily—because of the way each person’s story is told. The pictures and background pages add interest, and I could see my students being fascinated by these true tales of courage.

This is one non-fiction book I’ll be adding to my shelves.

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  1. Looks like a great book! I immediately thought of Sophie Scholl when I saw the book's title. Glad to see they covered The White Rose. Much check this out.

    1. And b/c she traveled the globe and time (Nazi Germany, Burma, Egypt, U.S.A., Argentina and more)you really get a sense of how ppl all over the world have faced injustice.