Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday #25 - Books to Get Into the Halloween Spirit...

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the team over at Broke and the Bookish! Leave a link to your Top 10 below!

Top 10 Books to Get Into the Halloween Spirit...

1. Velveteen by Daniel Marks  - Nothing like an existence in purgatory covered in the ash of the dead with the a intense need for revenge against the serial killer who murdered you to get you ready for Halloween! Plus, look at that cover! Are you kidding me!? How could you walk past this one? ~Ange

2. Anything by R.L.Stine - I consumed those books when I was in junior high. ~Rachel

3. The Demon Trapper's Daughter by Jana Oliver - A kick-butt main character who literally hunts Demons for a living...the perfect book for this holiday season! ~Ange
4. Everneath by Brodi Ashton - A tale involving the Underworld and death! ~Rachel

5. Darker Still by Leanna Renee Hieber - A mute young girl, a gorgeous young man trapped in a painting by a demon and a society bent on reeking havoc via paranormal means in late 1800's New York City...I had to turn on ALL the lights while reading this one! ~Ange
6. Abandon by Meg Cabot - Another tale involving the Underworld, but in this one death stalks the main character enticing her to return to the darkness with him. ~Rachel

7. The Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins - A witch who stinks at magic and literally destroyed prom-night gets exiled to an isolated reform school for wayward Prodigium, aka witches, fairies and shape-shifters where one blood-curdling mystery after another begin to converge = perfect! -Ange

8. Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan - Blood in the woods and a mysterious family reappears in town, yup, a creepy and awesome tale. ~Rachel

9. The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling - I think that it should be a requirement that each week that Halloween comes around we ALL re-read this series! SO darn wonderful! ~Ange

10. Fateful by Claudia Gray - Strong, fearsome werewolves stalking a young girl who is traveling on the Titanic will surely make you shiver. ~Rachel

What's on your Top 10 this week?


  1. A lot of books on your list that I still need to read. :) Especially Velveteen! Love the cover. :)

    J'adore Happy Endings

  2. Ooh fantastic list - other than HP I haven't read any of these, but Everneath and Abandon are on my reading list.

    Tanya Patrice

  3. Great choices :) !! The Demon Trapper's Daughter was a great read, I stll haven't read the next books in the series though ... I so have to pick up a copy of Darker Still, it sounds awesome !

  4. Harry Potter, of course! :D
    I have the rest on my never ending TBR pile :)

    My TTT

  5. Great list! I still have all my Goosebump books, which I started collecting when I was in elementary school and one reason why I love horror stuff so much. I guess when you start that young it makes it difficult to scare you later on, lol. Here is my Top Ten.

    Vyki @ On The Shelf
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