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Review: A Wrinkle in Time, the graphic novel by Madeleine L'Engle and Hope Larson

A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel 
Author: Madeleine L'Engle
Adapted and Illustrated by: Hope Larson  
Release date: October 2, 2012
Published by: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Meg, Calvin and Charles Wallace are on a mission across the universe with Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which to save her father from the Black Thing that threatens even their very own world. Except this time the classic is has finally been illustrated! This truly is a brand new version to love for both old fans and new!

Mallory's thoughts: I was really excited to start to read this book when mommy brought it home because it wasn't just pages and pages to read. It had pictures too which would help make me a better reader. I'm really glad that we read this because it helped me practice reading so I can become a better reader. Meg was my favorite character. I read all of her words in the book and mommy read the other people. Meg was my favorite because she was great at being herself. She only worried about herself and didn't worry about being other people. She knows it's okay to be afraid, but she goes and helps her family anyways.

I really liked it when Meg saved Charles Wallace from the IT. I really like the part when Mrs. Whatsit turns into a centaur with wings! The Happy Medium shows them their world and the Black Thing. The man with the red eyes is very evil and tries to hypnotize Charles Wallace. He really does it too. I like when she finds out where her father is and how to get him out. I like it when a monster takes care of Meg and the monster becomes Aunt Beast. I really like how the illustrator drew the pictures and made them stand out with the words. I hope you'll try reading this someday! I can't wait to read it again!

My thoughts: I first read this a very long time ago when I was either in late elementary school, or in middle school. I remember I didn't understand much of it, but did like Meg very much because she was such a good and fierce person. Then I read it again as a required reading for our Adolescent Literature class while I was an English Education major in college. Reading it the 2nd time was very different, of course, because I had certainly done a lot of growing up and gained enough knowledge about science and the universe that I understood much more than I had before. Plus, this time we took a look at the bigger and more interesting themes and issues that are both in your face, and underneath the surface in this classic. The themes of Christian theology and modern physics are fascinating. I can't believe that even though this is such a classic, L'Engle was rejected over and over again by publisher after publisher until in 1962, John Farrar, of Farrar, Strauss & Giroux, published it even though he insisted it didn't have an audience. The happy truth is that it was widely popular, and was even awarded the 1963 Newbery Medal. I also find it fascinating that she didn't write the rest of the Murray books in the Time Series until the 1970's - 1990's. I wonder what took so darn long!?

I do believe that this IS a classic syfy novel, and that's the category I personally put it in when I think about what genre it fits in. We may not be able to travel through space and time like they do in this novel right now, but I certainly believe in the possibility of that happening in the future one day. This new graphic novel version is gorgeous and was so darn interesting to read. The words were all L'Engle's, but I loved being able to see the images of what things might look like drawn out by Hope Larson. I do have to admit that I was rather frustrated by the strict blue, white and black color scheme, but just having images to show the tessering, the other planets and the people they meet was wonderful.
Reading in the car on the way to dinner!

Reading this with my Mallory was so darn fun! When I brought it home from the library I asked her if she wanted to read it with me and she was very excited to! She swiped it up and held on to it for the next 2 nights reading it on her own for hours! She even dragged it with her on her birthday to read in the car on the way to dinner and while we were waiting for our seats when we got to the restaurant. I loved it! Afterwards we started reading it together each night. Mallory read Meg's words and I took up reading all of the others. She really loved reading it, even though I know she didn't understand a ton of it. The vocabulary was great for her, and I found out she really likes to read the emotion that's written into the story of her character! How fun! In the end, it didn't matter if she understood every single bit because that eternal struggle of good v. evil was something she was definitely interested in listening to a story about. She loved Meg and everything that Meg was! Right after we finished reading she said, "Can I read it again before you take it back?" Love it! YES!

Final thoughts: If you loved A Wrinkle in Time, or if you've never tried it but have thought about it...THIS is for you! What a great new release on the 50th Anniversary of a classic novel!

Here's a little preview of the book from the author's site I snagged...

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  1. OMG I wanted this graphic novel! A Wrinkle in Time was one of my favourite novels as a kid. I must get this one soon!
    Giselle @ Book Nerd Canada

  2. Mallory,
    What a wonderful review!! I am so happy that you liked the book and you really had some thoughtful things to say about the characters. I especially like that Meg was your favorite because she was great about being herself. I think that you are a lot like Meg in that way!
    I think that this would be an exciting book to read to my boys soon :) Thanks for the recommendation!


  4. Mallory, I'm a friend of your Mom's and a librarian. Thanks for the heads-up about A Wrinkle in Time as a graphic novel! I'm going to order this for the elementary and middle school libraries. Kids still like the themes in the book, and the graphic format will be even more popular. Keep reading and writing!

  5. Hi Mallory,
    Ijust read your review. I did not even know that there was a graphic novel. Sounds very capturing! I'm going to let the school library know about it and see if they'll order it.
    Very exciting! Continue to enjoy!

  6. Mallory, great job introducing me to this book. I think I might know some little girls that will want this for Christmas! Keep on reading. It must be quiet in your house with all of you reading & Daddy hunting. Keep opening the books & experiencing a wonderful world!

  7. Thanks for sharing your review, Mallory! I like to read graphic novels (illustrated stories), but sometimes I have trouble finding ones that I'm really interested in.

    I read this book when I was young, too, and now I think I'll read the illustrated one because as you pointed out I love when pictures compliment the words.