Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis

You Have Seven Messages 
Author: Stewart Lewis
Release date: September 13, 2011
Published by: Delecorte Books for Young Readers
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Luna’s mother died a year ago, but she left something behind: her cell phone. And Luna finds it; it just happens to have seven messages on it. Luna feels that these messages will lead her to the answer to her mother’s death. She plans to follow the messages in order to put together what was going on in her mom’s life, leading up to her death; unfortunately, she may not like what she discovers.

This was a mystery, romance, coming-of-age novel. That’s quite a list, but that’s why it was an enjoyable read. I liked getting to know Luna as she powers through the tough knowledge she gathers from each message. There is definitely a theme of truth and who needs to know the truth that runs through this book. Luna is struggling to understand a death that was quick and traumatic, and the uncovering of the truth with these seven messages is very cathartic—for Luna and the reader!

I loved her quirky, younger brother, Tile. He writes this beautiful story that shows his understanding of their mother’s death. Wait until you read it—it’ll make you tear up; it did me. Oliver, her neighbor and romantic interest, wasn’t my favorite character, but he grew on me by the end.

Overall, I just liked the personal journey that Luna goes on in this story; it moved me as she does what many of us do as we grow older: discover the lives of our parents—their humanness, beauty and flaws and all.

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