Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why I'm thankful for my love of YA...

Giveaway Challenge by Beth Revis...
I love that this is the question that Beth Revis has posed for her giveaway challenge for 50 signed YA books!  I've been taking part in a challenge that my friend put forward on Facebook, to post what we're thankful for each day until Thanksgiving! It really helps me put things into perspective when I'm stressed or freaking out over my to-do list at work! 

So here we go...the reasons I'm thankful for YA is....

1. YA makes you think! - about life, about choices, about other people's choices and how I'm glad I didn't make that choice, about who I want to be, about things that haven't even happened yet, about what I'm going to do next, or not do next, etc.

2. YA SAVES! - Along with making you think, just knowing that there are others out there who are going through, or have gone through, things like you are going through...JUST HELPS! It takes the edge off! Maybe it keeps you from cutting. Maybe it pushes you that last step towards telling someone what's really going on. 

3. YA dreams! - I love that I can dive straight into another world, place, time, life and completely lose myself...sometimes that's the best therapy money can buy! (OR not buy since the library is FREE!) 

4. YA authors are so accessible! - I love that I can Tweet about a book and either have a question answered, gush about a book, or just that I can't wait to read it and randomly hear back from them! How stinking cool is that!? Also, when I do projects with teachers who are having their students write to authors, I always try to get the kids to stick to someone current who's on Twitter because they're almost guaranteed to hear back from them! AND then they come rushing into the library to tell me ALL about it! I LOVE THAT!

5. YA can be deep and incredibly informative - there are amazing YA titles which you learn so much about other cultures, peoples, traditions, events in history, and so much more. 

6. YA can be funny! - There are so many quirky and fun characters in YA Lit. I love that character that's basically there as comic relief to say the things that no one else is willing to say out loud, but they wish they could. I also love that awkwardness of growing up that tends to make you stick your foot in your mouth on a regular basis or just do some of the dumbest stuff. I dare you not to laugh! You know you did something like this! 

7. YA can be any age - I feel as though adult novels have a ceiling on them, but YA can be young characters, teens, young adults and just never know what you're going to get honestly. Plus, sometimes people start reading in this category in early middle school, or high school or even many adults read YA. It touches SO many.

8. YA soothes me - I can open a book, and know that I'm going to be able to understand exactly what's going on and hopefully lose myself for long enough that I can just relax.

9. YA connects - There's just something about the characters that YA authors write. They are usually so very real and you either remember someone just like them, or see yourself in them, or at least your young self. These authors have an amazing talent for connecting their readers to their characters in such a way that you forget you're even reading YA. 

10. YA has the MOST gorgeous covers! - These covers are off the charts! GORGEOUS I tell you! For someone who is incredibly visual and rather impulse driven this means SO much when selecting a book. Especially if I'm actually buying a book for my own shelves instead of grabbing one at the library. These art directors who create these covers are brilliant! Just brilliant! To see some of my favorites, go to this Top 10 Covers of 2011 post. I can't wait to do a post like this for 2012!

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