Monday, December 3, 2012

Review: Frost by Wendy Delsol

Author: Wendy Delsol
Series: Stork, Book 2
Release date: October 11, 2011
Published by: Candlewick Press
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In book 2 of this trilogy, Kat is settling into Minnesota and is happier than ever now that Jack is officially her man. With her first soul delivered to an expectant mother, she is getting used to being a Stork and enjoying the special powers her cold-resistant boyfriend brings to the table. However, when Brigid Fonnkona, an environmental scientist (so she claims), arrives in Norse Falls and lures Jack away from Kat by inviting him to go to Greenland as a research assistant, Kat’s world turns upside down. More than one legend lurks in Kat’s family history, which she discovers as she tries to find her man after he disappears on his research trip.

My Thoughts: Don’t be surprised to discover that the Snow Queen is real and selkies exist in this second installment of the trilogy. I started this story expecting to see more of Kat settling into her Stork duties and perhaps having a challenge to go along with that story line, but Delsol surprised me by diving into more legends and folklore to create a lively adventure for Kat.

Brigid is a perfectly evil “bad guy” in this story as she brings Jack under her power and causes Kat to claim her love for Jack through a seriously difficult journey. By the the end of her journey, I truly believe Kat and Jack are meant to be together—and that’s a hard sell (for me, anyway) when talking about teenage protagonists!

I love how Delsol wraps up the ending of Frost because Kat realizes how things she promised earlier (in book one) will now play a role later (in book three). I didn’t realize how all these legends could piece together until that point, and now I’m anxious to find out what happens! Book 3 here I come :)
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