Monday, May 27, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 1: Introductions...

Hey there everyone! 
We are participated in Armchair BEA once again this year which is just a fun way to NOT be going to Book Expo America in NYC while everyone else is! 
Ok, today is introduction day where we pick 5 questions to answer about ourselves, so here we go...

    What am I currently reading? - 

    The Girl with the Iron Touch by the FABULOUS Kady Cross! I ADORE this series!!! Finley Jayne is my kind of Super-hero!! Seriously, if this book was around when I was young, I would have wanted to grow up to be her! :) 

    Tell us something non-book related everyone reading your blog may not know
    I grew up on a Quarter Horse racing farm! :) That's right! So weird! We no longer race them since there really isn't a business for it anymore where we live, but we DO still have a Quarter Horse farm. I never really talk about them though which people always seem to think is weird. I just don't think they're that exciting since they are just a normal part of my life. (We have also done Civil War Reenacting for about the last 20 years! Just like in the Castor Chronicles, but with a Cavalry Unit! I know, also weird I suppose. Think of it as family camping with a twist!)

    Which is your favorite post that you've written? - 

    I recently read and reviewed Orleans by Sherri L. Smith and absolutely LOVED IT! I was SO blown away by it that I have literally not stopped talking about it to anybody and everybody who will listen to me gush about it! It was SO hard for me to write the review b/c I didn't want to reveal too much, but I also wanted to make sure people knew how AMAZING this book is when they weren't talking about it anywhere it seemed! :( I even created a bit of a soundtrack for it on my review. Check it out, and if you haven't read the book, it is a MUST READ! WOW!

    What literary location would you most like to visit? - 

    I seem to absolutely adore ALL of the British Kingdom! I seem to be drawn to books about it and love them the most: The Steampunk Chronicles by Kady Cross, Splintered by A.G. Howard, The Roar and The Whisper by Emma Clayton, etc. PLUS, I'm adopted and since it was a VERY closed adoption I know VERY little about my lineage. What I DO know from the only parts of the paperwork that weren't blacked out is my heritage! I am partially English, French Canadian & Irish, because of this I'd LOVE to go to England for a few extended vacations throughout my lifetime. 

    What is my favorite part of the book blogging community? - 

    I love the access, the flat world that's been open up to me through blogging! What do I mean? I meant that if I have a question about something, all I have to do is Tweet someone, or Facebook message them! They'll write me right back! There's such a wonderful "take care of each other" attitude along with the "love of books and authors"! I just adore it! People share things too. This extends to the authors themselves! They are so willing to share things, ideas, answer questions, etc. The world of books is just so incredibly "open and flat" now that I've walked through the front door of the blogging world! Every time I go to a signing, or even just an online chat it just gives me "warm fuzzies" (90's catch phrase anyone!?) I LOVE IT! 


    1. Oh darn, I haven't posted mine yet... I need to finalize it, and I've been so busy with reviews and reading I had completely forgottena bout the 'getting to know you' post for the BEA Armchair :(

      I love your answers, and yes, I do get the fuzzies!!


    2. I haven't read anything by Kady Cross or the book Orleans yet, but I really want to. They both sound so good and hearing how much you like them just makes me more excited about them :)