Friday, June 21, 2013

Review: Hidden by Marianne Curley

Author: Marianne Curley
Series: Avena, Book 1
Release date: June 25, 2013
Published by: Bloomsbury USA
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ebony lives a perfect life, with perfect parents in a perfect little home with a beautiful little life filled with great and loyal friends and even a stable full of horses she adores! What could be more perfect? How about the truth!? The fact that she's been living a lie her entire life! The fact that she grows stronger every single day and more beautiful every day...and that her parents are hiding something from her. Something major.

My thoughts: This was a fast-paced adventure that once I started, I couldn't seem to put it down! I adored Ebony, the main character; she is a fantastic young lady with a fierce personality who refuses to just believe Jordan and Thane just because they show up and tell her who she is. She demands proof. DNA proof! :) I love it!

Thane and the rest of his crew were quite the crew as well. I loved trying to figure out who they all were! Even her best friend,

As for the general idea of it all, I liked the spin of it all. I didn't feel overly suffocated or twisted by it all in any way religiously, or not. It was aggressively good vs. evil, end of story! That I loved! That's what won me over. 

What I didn't like about it was that for some reason it was incredibly predictable for me, every single little bit. What's interesting though is that even though I seemed to already know exactly what was going to happen way ahead of time I still just had to keep reading and I throughly enjoyed it until the end which I was not thrilled about. I felt like the end was very abrupt and rather unfinished, but maybe if I wasn't reading this so far ahead of time and was reading this a year from now or two with let's say book 2 waiting for me and I could jump right in I wouldn't feel quite so ornery about that. Who knows. In the end those two things are so trifle compared to how much I enjoyed the whole book overall! I can't wait to get this on my paperback spindles at school with her other trilogy! The kiddos will LOVE it!

Last thought: If you are at all interested in Angels, or that endless struggle of Good v. Evil then THIS IS FOR YOU! Curley delivers and then some! I can't wait to for what's next!

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