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Review: Stormbringer by Shannon Delaney

Author: Shannon Delany
Series: Weather Witch, Book 2
Release Date: January 14, 2014
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jordan Astraea, once Fifth of the Nine until falsely found to be a Weather Witch on her seventeenth birthday, has now officially been Made! Something that should be completely impossible to do, but it has now come to pass and she has been handed over to the airliner Artemesia as their Conductor-in-training, a.k.a. their living battery until she burns out in about a year as the others before her she's replacing. Will Rowen be able to get to her in time now that he's found himself about a Pirate ship instead of the Artemesia? What about The Maker and his young family who have been kidnapped by none other than the infamous Frost Giant? The storms are brewing and we're all awaiting the one from the prophesy who will save them all...

My thoughts: I LOVE THIS SERIES! This has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. The witchiness, the fight to end slavery, the romance, the fight to help others and save what's right and good in the world and to destroy who and what is evil and bad...ALL OF IT!

In this second installment of the Weather Witch series we really get to delve into the characters! At the end of book one, Jordan was quite literally just handed over to the extremely EVIL captain of the Artemesia to become its next Conductor. She is literally broken in the beginning and continues to be broken both physically and mentally by the Captain. Anil, the current Conductor, doesn't have long left in this world so it becomes apparently quickly how important it is for Jordan to figure out how to learn her trigger for Drawing Down or the airliner will plummet straight for the ground when he dies and there won't be anything she can do to stop it. And the Captain has noticed Jordan, but sometimes there's just no one coming to save you. And this I found VERY realistic! Horrifying, but realistic.

On another ship, Rowen has been forced into being part of a pirate crew, or should I say "traders" crew. :) Of course he finds something very different once he's on board and has become part of the crew. Evie is something very different and has something very different planned than he EVER would have first imagined. But, we also get to see Rowen grow even more with Evie and her crew as he learns more real-life skills, gets to see more of the world, stands up for his friends and himself, and more. I can't wait to see what he's going to turn out like!

The Maker, Bran, Maude and his little Meggie who have been kidnapped and forced onto the Artemesia by the fierce Marion, The Frost Giant, are a powder keg waiting to explode at any moment. Not only does Bran have Sybil's skull with him which seems to be volatile itself, but Meggie's powers seem to be connected to her and to Jordan as well. Plus, the Wandering Wallace and his mysterious wife are along on the airliner and you just never know what they are up to it seems. These two groups are just two of the many secondary plots to our two main plots of Jordan and Rowen (seriously I have NO idea how Shannon can keep all of these straight!) and these stories I always think I know where they're going, but I never really do...and that I love.

I have to say one little thing about these epically evil bad guys that Shannon has created in the Councilmen...they are SO well written in that I truly want them DEAD! :) I think that means that they are great bad guys in my opinion! Especially Loftkin! Of course I'm also rather nervous about what Catrina is up to as well...she isn't quite right is she!? hmmm...that's all I'm going to say about that one.

My final thoughts: There is just something so breathtaking and heartbreaking all at once about this world, the time and the people that have been created by Shannon Delany. They pull me in and swallow me whole. If you haven't tried Book 1, Weather Witch, I really encourage you to do so as soon as you can. You won't regret it! For me, Shannon is fast climbing my #mustbuy author list!
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