Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday #35 - Popular Authors I Haven't Read...

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Top 10 Authors I Haven't Read...
This is rather shameful I'm finding. At least that's how it feels when I'm listing them for some reason. I feel really naughty for having never read them since I'm a school librarian and a few of these are true staples of the literary world which always shock people when they find out. It's just that I was "never that girl" I guess. Now...some of these ARE on my TBR list and have been forever it's just that my list is GINORMOUS! BUT, like I said before...some of these just aren't in my wheelhouse and never will be. What about you? 

1. Judy Blume
I know! Don't burn me at the stake! I just wasn't into books like this. I was into mystery books at the age that girls are into her books so I was making my way through the entire Nancy Drew series, then the whole Sherlock Holmes series, and then on to adult mysteries because my elementary & middle school libraries were out of mysteries that were at my reading level, so I read my mother's! Nice, huh!? 

2. Beverly Cleary
Same as #1! SORRY! I know! It's ridiculous! C'est la vie!

3. Gayle Forman
I have several books by this fabulous lady, and have even met her! She ROCKS! I just haven't sat still long enough to read them yet! SHAME ON ME! :(

4. Jennifer L. Armentrout
Again, I have a few books by her and cannot wait to read them since everyone who reads her books LOVES them! But, SHAME ON ME! :(

5. Neal Shusterman
I know everyone really likes his books, but they just sound too creepy for me for some reason. I just cannot do it. No thank you. Sorry.

6. Jodi Picoult
I feel like all of my adult friends and half of the high school girls have read her books, but I'm just not interested at all. Again, I'm just not that girl...still. 

7. Sarah Rees Brennan
Both Rachel AND Heidi are completely "head over heels" for her books, so I have GOT TO try them sometime. They sound great and have been on my TBR list for the longest time. SHAME ON ME! :(

8. Michael Grant
Again, I have no idea what I'm waiting for here...He is SO FUNNY and I've even met him in person. Plus, I have a few of his books on my shelves at home...SHAME ON ME! :( 

9. Heather Brewer
I adore this author as a person and an advocate for others! She is just, plain amazing and I've even met her but for some reason I still haven't read one of her books. SHAME ON ME! :(

10. James Dashner
I have had his 1st series on my TBR list forever it seems and the kiddos at school have been harping on me for just as long to get my butt in gear reading them since they know I'd love the books, but alas I have still not read them! SHAME ON ME! :( 

See what I mean...a combo of "SHAME ON ME!" and "I'm just not that girl and I'm still not!"

What's on your Top 10 this week?

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