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Review: She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

She Is Not Invisible 
Author: Marcus Sedgwick
Release date: April 22, 2014
Published by: Macmillan/Roaring Brook Press
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Have you ever noticed the same number more than once in the same week? In the same day? What about the same name of something over and over? Just a coincidence? Or not!? That's exactly the mystery that Laureth Peak's father has been trying to solve for years while writing his novel, but now he's not answering her emails or phone calls. Plus, he's not even on the correct continent where he said he'd be! So Laureth take's it upon herself to pack up her little brother and head off across the pond to find him, of course it doesn't sound that exciting until you realize she's only in high school, her brother is only 7, oh, and her's the kicker...she's blind!

My thoughts: This was very a very interesting and intense read, but I have to say it will probably not fit all people's wheel-house! I loved the fact that Laureth is blind, and that the book isn't about her being blind. Her being blind is just a fact, not the story itself. There's a lot about that, how she's deals, how she hides it, how she doesn't hide it, how she's grown from young to old while blind, etc....which was fascinating BUT that's still not what the book was about. The book was about her father and the search for him even when no one else believes that he is missing.

In the mean time, she is also the keeper of her little brother while he is also a bit of a keeper of her even though he is so much younger than her. She does seem to rely on him a bit too much in the beginning of the book, which changes at the end and I truly liked that growth in her.

As for the mystery of the book, WHOA! That was so intense and holy moly did I learn a ton about the study of coincidences by a lot of very famous people: Einstein, Jung, Koestler, etc. I'd love to learn if any of the seemingly "non-fiction" information in the novel is actually true, or not. Hmmmm... Anyway, it was all rather interesting.

Final thought: This is certainly one I think folks should give a try! It really makes you think about SO many things! Let me know what you think about it!

p.s. There were 2 covers in Goodreads for this book and I can't even decide which cover I like more! Which one do you guys like more?
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