Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Trailer Thursday #90 (sorta) - Mockingjay #1 Trailer...

Book Trailer Thursday is a feature inspired by Once Upon a TwilightWe are hoping to promote not only new books that are out or are soon to be out on the shelves, but to also promote the creation of book trailers themselves! Make sure to post a comment below and let us know what you've found out there this week!
Author: Suzanne Collins
Above you'll notice the 1st cover is the original cover most of us read, and the 2nd cover is the new movie-tie-in cover Scholastic is coming out with in September! What do you think? Which one is better? Are you buying the whole movie-tie-in set too now? Or are the originals classic?

The movie trailer for the first half of the movie based off of Suzanne Collin's 3rd installment of the Hunger Games trilogy was debuted at Comic Con last week!! I thought I would break from the traditional book trailer this week to feature this movie trailer in case you haven't seen it yet...
What do you think? Huh!? Huh!? 

In theaters November 21, 2014

Here's a link to the Mockingjay IMDb page in case you want to learn more.

There's also a fun site you can keep up on things called Check it out!

What did you find out there this week?

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