Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #148 - Top Ten Clues You're Clueless & Lumiere

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. Be sure to post a link to your Waiting on Wednesday below!

This week's pre-publication "We can't wait to read it!" selections are...

Author: Liz Czukas
Release Date: December 9, 2014
Published by: HarperTeen

Top Five Things That Are Ruining Chloe's day...

5) Working the 6:30 a.m. shift at GoodFoods Market
4) Crashing a cart into a customer's car right in front on her snarky coworker Sammi
3) Trying to rock the "drowned rat" look after being caught in a snowstorm
2) Making zero progress with her crush, Tyson (see #3)
1) Being accused -- along with her fellow teenage employees--of stealing upwards of $10,000

Chloe would rather be anywhere than locked in work jail (aka the break room) with five of her coworkers...even if one of them is Tyson. But if they can band together to clear their names, what looks like a total disaster might just make Chloe's list of Top Ten Best Moments.
 (Summary from Goodreads)

Number One: I like the cover.
Number Two: I love lists!
Number Three: This sounds like a fun, quirky story.
I'm in.

(The Illumination Paradox, Book 1)
Author: Jacqueline Pynaert
Release Date: December 15, 2014
Published by: 

One determined girl. One resourceful boy. One miracle machine that could destroy everything.

After an unexplained flash shatters her world, seventeen-year-old Eyelet Elsworth sets out to find the Illuminator, her father's prized invention. With it, she hopes to cure herself of her debilitating seizures before Professor Smrt--her father's arch nemesis--discovers her secret and locks her away in an asylum.

Pursued by Smrt, Eyelet locates the Illuminator only to see it whisked away. She follows the thief into the world of the unknown, compelled not only by her quest but by the allure of the stranger--Urlick Babbit--who harbors secrets of his own.

Together, they endure deadly Vapours and criminal-infested woods in pursuit of the same prize, only to discover the miracle machine they hoped would solve their problems may in fact be their biggest problem of all. (Summary from Goodreads)

This sounds amazing! I'm in!

What are you waiting on this week?

Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

If I Stay 
Author: Gayle Forman
Series: If I Stay, Book 1
Release Date: April 2, 2009
Published: Dutton/Penguin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mia's life is just about perfect with her boyfriend who's on his way to rockstar status, a fantastic family, and maybe even Julliard! Except on a day just like any other, life changes forever for Mia...

My thoughts: This was a good one and I'm glad I finally read it from on my bookshelves. Not amazing or epic as others sold it to me, but good. Interesting even. There has been SO much hype about this one that I am wondering if I was putting this one up on a pedestal of "too much hope" and it didn't quite meet up. Darn. It's frustrating when that happens.


Mia does seem to be headed for a rather charmed life...until the day there's a snow day for a small bit of fluff. The family decides to pile into the car and head out anyway, just as we do here at our house sometimes. Except, this is not a book where everything turns out rainbows. This is a story where everything is sad, sad, sad. There's a horrific accident and not everyone in the family makes it. Mia is instantly pushed outside her body when the traumatic event occurs and spends time following herself/her body watching the events around "her" while she decides whether she will wake or not. I mean WHOA right!? For all those who think, this is no big deal and just a bit rough...I have to tell you that the accident scene was described in fine detail and because of this feel this is for older teens and adults only in case you are wondering. Just my opinion.

My favorite things about the book were the characters of the memories of the parents and their two best friends. They seemed like really cool folks. Maybe I also have just gotten to the point where in this book anyway I identified with them for some reason. (Ugh! I'm OLD!!! Oh well.) I especially liked the woman (who's name I now cannot remember and it's really bothering me now!! :( ) in the couple of parent's bffs.

The person I had a hard time connecting with was Mia, which also seemed to hold me back a bit while reading. I think it was because of all the "Why me?" bits with her relationship...which btw is the ONLY reason I can possibly come up with that could be for the UTTERLY BIZARRE quote on the front of my paperback, "It will appeal to fans of Twilight" WHAT!? WHY???

Finally thoughts: I'm certainly going to read Where She When, and I ADORE Gayle Forman as a person but was a bit underwhelmed after so much praise for this one.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #147 - No Place to Fall & Winter Falls

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. Be sure to post a link to your Waiting on Wednesday below!

This week's pre-publication "We can't wait to read it!" selections are...

Author: Jaye Robin Brown
Release Date: December 8, 2014
Published by: Harper Teen

Amber Vaughn is a good girl. She sings solos at church, babysits her nephew after school, and spends every Friday night hanging out at her best friend Devon's house. It's only when Amber goes exploring in the woods near her home, singing camp songs with the hikers she meets on the Appalachaian Trial, that she feels free--and when the bigger world feels just a little bit more in reach.

When Amber learns about an audition at the North Carolina School of the Arts, she decides that her dream--to sing on bigger stages--could also be her ticket to a new life. Devon's older (and unavailable) brother, Will, helps Amber prepare for he one chance to try out for the hypercompetitive arts school. But the more time Will and Amber spend together, the more complicated their relationship becomes...and Amber starts to wonder if she's such a good girl, after all.

Then, in an afternoon, the bottom drops out of her family's world--and Amber is faced with an impossible choice between her promise as an artist and the people she loves. Amber always thought she knew what a good girl would do. But between "right" and "wrong," there's a whole world of possibilities. (Summary from Goodreads)

This sounds like a beautiful story; I'll be curious to find out what the dilemma turns out to be.

Author: Nicole Maggi
Release Date: December 22, 2014
Published by: Medallion Press

Alessia Jacobs is a typical sixteen-year-old, dying to get out of her small town of Twin Willows, Maine. Things loop up when a new family comes to town, but when she falls for the hot, mysterious son, Jonah, her life turns upside down.

Weird visions of transforming into an otherworldly falcon are just the beginning. Soon she learns she's part of the Benandanti, an ancient cult of warriors with the unique power to separate their souls from their bodies and take on the forms of magnificent animals.

Alessia never would've suspected it, but her boring town is the site of an epic struggle between the Benandanti and the Malandanti to control powerful magic in the surrounding forest.

As Alessia is drawn into the Benandanti's mission, her relationship with Jonah intensifies. When her two worlds collide, Alessia's forced to weigh choices a sixteen-year-old should never have to make. (Summary from Goodreads)

This sounds SO different from anything I've read. I have GOT to try this one. What do you think? 

What are you waiting on this week?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review: The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan

The Dolls 
Author: Kiki Sullivan
Series: The Dolls, Book 1
Release date: September 2, 2014
Published by: Balzer + Bray
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eveny has been away from her childhood home of Carrefour for fourteen long years in New York. When her aunt Bea decides to pack them up and move them back to the home where Eveny's mother committed suicide things begin to get dark and dangerous...

My thoughts: This one has it all! Mystery, magic via voodoo, a secret controlling society, good v. evil, struggle of rich v. poor, love, family, intrigue, betrayal and lies! Loved it!

Apparently I'm really into New Orleans and voodoo book lately. Hmmm...I'll have to think more about that later. Anyway, I thought that this was going to be a shallow book at first with just teenage drama I wasn't going to be into...and then it took a twisted turn that I just plain enjoyed.

The mean girls were written oh so well: Peregrin Marceau, Chloe St. Pierre, and the rest of the Dolls were so creepy and plain mean spirited. Honestly they were just simply shallow and perfectly selfish! Well done.

Eveny would have been the same as them IF she had been raised inside the town as everyone else had been, but she had been taken away from it all by her aunt Bea instead and raised in New York. This meant that she was a completely (well mostly, she was still a teen girl) different person from them in that she had morals and a compass for compassion.

The best part about it all was that I had a VERY hard time figuring out who in the heck was the "bad guy or gal"! This is always key for me! I get SO frustrated when I figure out all the twists and turns before hand. Ugh!

I can't wait to find out what happens next for Eveny in book 2!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #146 - On the Edge & Princess of Thorns

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. Be sure to post a link to your Waiting on Wednesday below!

This week's pre-publication "We can't wait to read it!" selections are...

Author: Allison van Diepen
Release Date: November 25, 2014
Published by: HarperCollins

Maddie Diaz never should have taken that shortcut through the park. If she hadn't, she wouldn't have seen two members of the Reyes gang attacking a homeless man. Now, as the only witness, she knows there's a target on her back.

But when the Reyes jump her on the street, Maddie is protected by a second gang and their secretive leader, Lobo, who is determined to take down the Reyes himself. Lobo is mysterious and passionate, and Maddie begins to fall for him. But when they live this close to the edge, can their love survive?  (Summary from Goodreads)

The cover drew me in first because it reminded me of a Simone Elkeles series that I like. Then the description has me intrigued, so this is going on my TBR list.

Author: Stacey Jay
Release Date: December 9, 2014
Published by: Delacorte Press

Though she looks like a mere mortal, Princess Aurora is a fairy blessed with enhanced strength, bravery, and mercy yet cursed to destroy the free will of any male who kisses her. Disguised as a boy, she enlists the help of the handsome but also cursed Prince Niklaas to fight legions of evil and free her brother from the ogre queen who stole Aurora's throne ten years ago.

Will Aurora triumph over evil and reach her brother before it's too late? Can Aurora and Niklaas break the curses that will otherwise forever keep them from finding their one true love? (Summary from Goodreads)

I always love the sound of Stacey Jay's books and this one especially sounds fantastic! AND, I have it from NetGalley to try! I can't wait to give it a go!

What are you waiting on this week?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Being Audrey Hepburn by Mitchell Kriegman

Being Audrey Hepburn 
Author: Mitchell Kriegman
Release date: September 16, 2014
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story! Lisbeth is a quirky character who enjoys everything about Audrey Hepburn. She knows all the facts and details about Hepburn’s life and loves: the fashion, the movies, the heartbreak. One night she finds herself in one of Hepburn’s dresses and pushed into a ritzy party with Manhattan’s elite. Lisbeth comes from a poorer family and has never experienced the attention she gets from people when she is seen in the Hepburn dress. People assume she is from the same wealthy class as them.

Lisbeth’s main problem has to do with finding her place in the world. She is the only person in her family who has ever been accepted to college, but she wants to jump into the fashion world instead. She struggles to tell her family what her dreams are and instead pulls her best friend into a world of lies and secrets in exchange for the attention of cameras and wealthy people.

Ultimately Lisbeth has to decide where she belongs. She loses the trust of some and gains some recognition from others before she finally figures out that all she has to do is believe in herself, and she’ll find where she belongs.

This is a great coming-of-age story that is filled with facts about Audrey Hepburn I didn’t know, romantic gestures, amazing fashion, and intriguing secrets. If you like any of those things, this may be the book for you.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Review: Storm by Danielle Ellison

Series: Salt, Book 2
Author: Danielle Ellison
Release date: September 29, 2014
Published by: Entangled Teen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Penelope is back and now she is definitely not a witch with no magic. She is a witch with a ton of magic, but the question is where is she getting it from and is it stable? Is it safe? Carter is asking those questions daily and hoping she will listen to him and not use those new powers...but they are just sooo tempting...as she's drawn farther and farther into the spider's web...

My thoughts: This is such a fun and different twist on witches! I love this mixture of witches and demons and school. It's almost like Harry Potter but with the demon twist, and the demon-fighting squad which is kick-butt! The characters are really fantastic...

Penelope, her sister, grandfather, grandmother, Carter, his father, it just goes on and on...the characters that Ellison writes are so darn interesting. I guess what I'm saying is that I believe them! They don't feel ridiculous or fake. I also really like that it this one picks up right where book 1 leaves off. Penelope is now and Enforcer with Carter as her partner and there's even a bit of steaminess now and then which isn't half bad. ;) It's fun to see her in action since that's exactly what she's been fighting for all along to do. 

The relationship between Penelope and Carter was a huge part of the drama in this one, but not the whole drama which is what I needed. I can't stand it when the whole drama is about the relationship. I need it to be about more than just that and this really delivered so much more than that with her struggle with her powers and finding answers as well. The mystery portion of it all was fantastic along with struggle against "the dark side"!

If you haven't read book 1, then give it a try now! You won't regret it. 

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday #145 - Autumn Falls and Ensnared

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating. Be sure to post a link to your Waiting on Wednesday below!

This week's pre-publication "We can't wait to read it!" selections are...

Author: Bella Thorne
Release Date: November 11, 2014
Published by: Delacorte Press

With her fiery red hair, new-girl outsider status, and tendency to be total klutz, Autumn Falls definitely isn't flying below the radar at Aventura High. Luckily, she makes some genuine friends who take her under their wing. But she also manages to get on the wrong side of the school's queen bee, and then finds out the guy she's started to like, funny and sweet Sean, hangs with the mean crowd. Now her rep and her potential love life are at stake.

When Autumn vents her feelings in a journal that belonged to her late father, suddenly her wildest wishes start coming true. Is it coincidence? Or can writing in the journal solve all her problems? And if the journal doesn't work that way, is there a bigger purpose for it--and for her? (Summary from Goodreads)

It's the cover. That's why I want to read it...oh, and the magic.

(Splintered, Book 3)
Author: A.G. Howard
Release Date: January 5, 2014
Published by: Amulet Books

After surviving a disastrous battle at prom, Alyssa has embraced her madness and gained perspective. She's determined to rescue her two worlds and the people and netherlings she loves. Even if it means challenging Queen Red to a final battle of wills and wiles...and even if the only way to Wonderland, now that the rabbit hole is closed, is through the looking-glass world--a parallel dimension filled with mutated and sadistic outcasts.

In the final installment of the Splintered trilogy, Alyssa and her dad journey into the heart of magic and mayhem in search of her mom and to set right all that's wrong. Together with Jeb and Morpheus, they must salvage Wonderland from the decay and destruction that has ensnared it. But even if everyone succeeds and comes out alive, can they all truly have their happily ever after? (Summary from Goodreads)

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this series!!! I had no idea how much I love Alice stories and just plain messed up stuff until Splintered. Oh, how it is utterly beautiful in its pain and its decay. It's perfection! If you haven't tried Splintered, you have GOT to dive down the rabbit hole...

My review of:
Book 1, Splintered
Book 2, Unhinged

What are you waiting on this week?