Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: Being Audrey Hepburn by Mitchell Kriegman

Being Audrey Hepburn 
Author: Mitchell Kriegman
Release date: September 16, 2014
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story! Lisbeth is a quirky character who enjoys everything about Audrey Hepburn. She knows all the facts and details about Hepburn’s life and loves: the fashion, the movies, the heartbreak. One night she finds herself in one of Hepburn’s dresses and pushed into a ritzy party with Manhattan’s elite. Lisbeth comes from a poorer family and has never experienced the attention she gets from people when she is seen in the Hepburn dress. People assume she is from the same wealthy class as them.

Lisbeth’s main problem has to do with finding her place in the world. She is the only person in her family who has ever been accepted to college, but she wants to jump into the fashion world instead. She struggles to tell her family what her dreams are and instead pulls her best friend into a world of lies and secrets in exchange for the attention of cameras and wealthy people.

Ultimately Lisbeth has to decide where she belongs. She loses the trust of some and gains some recognition from others before she finally figures out that all she has to do is believe in herself, and she’ll find where she belongs.

This is a great coming-of-age story that is filled with facts about Audrey Hepburn I didn’t know, romantic gestures, amazing fashion, and intriguing secrets. If you like any of those things, this may be the book for you.

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