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Review: The Iron Trial

The Iron Trial
Author: Holly Black 
Author: Cassandra Clare 
Illustrator: Scott Fischer 
Series: Magisterium, Book 1
Release date: September 9, 2014
Published by: Scholastic Press
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Callum Hunt has been raised for the twelve years of his life to fear all that magic is. He has been told that magic and mages are what destroyed their lives. So when it becomes very apparent that he has developed magic himself, and is then invited to the Iron Trial he is terrified. He even tries very hard to fail the trial. Unfortunately he gets selected by one of the most prestigious Mages leading his father to completely lose it in front of everyone sadly. How is Callum going to be able to continue on to this new future; this new school without the support of his father to the place he fears most with the people he fears most? Will they destroy him and twist him into evil itself?

My thoughts: This was a fantastic "magic school adventure" book! I especially liked the main character of Callum who was very snotty from the first page. I also loved how his father completely freaked out in front of everyone when he was chosen for training. I cannot even imagine how embarrassing that would be. WOW!

Of course when Callum gets there he quickly discovers that things are not what he had thought they were. He also begins to learn that being a Mage is a lot of work. Plus, he also learns that he doesn't HAVE to go through life all alone. In fact he begins to learn that he might even be beginning to form great friendships if he just opens himself up to them. 

The magic school element of this was quite fun and I have been making sure to suggest his book to any kiddos who LOVED Harry Potter, or any other series that has a "magic school" element to it. ;) Plus, this is a series so there are going to be more and more books to eat up with Callum and his gang of pals! YAY! 

If you haven't tried this one and you like HP read-alikes, you really need to give this one a try! 
Some fun pictures I have from a YA Literature Conference for educators I attended last fall. Meeting these two, and getting ALL of my books by them (I was such a drooling fan girl!! But I tried to play it cool. I don't know that it worked. I had a hard time with these two being chill.;) was definitely an item to cross off on my bucket list! 
Talking about their wonderful friendship and their writing partnership. 

Holly, Me & Cassie

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