Saturday, October 17, 2015

Review: Red Queen

Red Queen 
Author: Victoria Aveyard
Series: Red Queen, Book 1
Release date: February 10, 2015
Published by: HarperTeen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reds and Silvers live VERY different lives, even in a different world from each other you could say. To have Silver blood means powers, elite status, and so much more. Red blood means you work for the Silvers...your sole purpose in life is serve them in some form. When red blooded Mare walks into the palace she had no idea she had powers...powers the silver bloods are desperate to hide from the world.

My thoughts: THIS. WAS. EPIC. I'm serious. A huge WOW! Talk about brilliant story, development and conclusion. The characters are so well done that I was instantly drawn in. It was X-Men meets Hunger Games. 

One of the first things I liked was Mare. She lives a crappy life stealing and trying to exist as best she can while also trying to help her family. Then when she gets a job working at the palace, she discovers in a very public silvery way that she has a power even though she's red-bloodied! Uh oh right!? Definitely! They don't know what to do about her, so they decide to keep her close adding her into the silvery fray of youth who are being trained to rule the next generation. 

Mare enters a world unlike any she's known her entire life so far. There's the training with her newly found powers of course, but there's also a whole lot of scary ruling class intrigue thrown in as well. Here are a few quotes for you to ponder...

"The gods rule is still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind." 

"As beautiful as this world is, it's just as dangerous. People who are not useful, people who make mistakes, they can be removed." 

"I'll teach you what it's like to know fear." 

Don't these make you curious!? This is an amazing beginning to a new series that I cannot wait to continue reading with book 2! If you haven't tried this one, you need to!

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