Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My year in review...

I always like looking back on my year of reading and reflecting on it. Maybe that's the teacher in me. I look at my average rating and wonder why it's so high...well I got to finally cross something off the "I want to do that someday" list in January which helped with that. My school district allowed me to attend the ALA Midwinter Conference in Chicago and it was FABULOUS! I loved being surrounded by all those librarians, publishing house representatives and authors! It was absolutely the highlight of my year! Plus, I came home with an obscene amount of ARCs and even finished books for all 4 of us. The best part was how darn good so many of them were! Of course, I had most of them recommended in person by the people who helped get them published so it was like the Rose Bowl of book recommendation days down on the floor. Also, there's the part where I got to share all of this with my girls who got to read AMAZING books ahead of everyone else AND then promote them to their friends, teachers and school librarian. It was also great for this middle school and high school librarian since there were several I purchased for the middle school library based on Mallory's reading recommendations, my prerelease reading and the recommendations of so many others at the conference. Having the girls get more involved this year has been so much fun. 

I can't wait to see what next year brings! 

Did you get to cross anything off this year that was a "Someday I want to do that"?

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