Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Review: These Vicious Masks

These Vicious Masks 
Author: Tarun Shanker
Series: These Vicious Masks, Book 1 
Release date: February 9, 2016 
Published by; Swoon Reads 
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Evelyn is aggressively against anything that has to do with dancing, balls or husband hunting. Of course that's the opposite of what most every other young lady of her stature spends every waking moment doing. When Ev's sister Rose disappears one night everything begins to change, but is it for the better? Or worse?

My thoughts: Evelyn is a great character who was fun to read about. I liked many bits of this novel, and was only annoyed by the fact that it was rather predictable in plot. Did I guess everything? No. Plus, the setting was extremely fun!

England, 1882, upper class young ladies and men looking for the "right one" to commit themselves to was very Pride and Prejudice, but adding in a kidnapping and the discovery of people with special abilities = fun and adventure abound. Then there are the parents who are the worst helicopter parents ever! Wow! 

Evelyn and her family are really something. She is the sassiest young lady while her sister Rose is the sweetest and kindest there ever was...the only real issue that anyone seems to have with them? They are both aspiring nurses. Of course, ladies of their socioeconomic status DO NOT work. Ever. Being a fly on the wall as Evelyn and her sister are torn to pieces verbally time after time for things that young ladies today strive for their entire lives was so hard to endure.

Then there are the gentlemen: the charming Nicholas Kent and the gothically brooding Sebastian Braddock. Of course I'm not going to tell you which one is the one that either young lady is most interested in. ;) I wish there had been a bit more romance, but oh well. I suppose there's always hope for the sequel. 

Another thing that was done really well were the bad guys...there was a mother who was unbelievably evil. Wow! She was written so well that I wanted to climb into the book and destroy her with my bare hands!! 

Final thoughts: I loved the abilities + the setting = fantastic. For book 2 I'm hoping for more, more, more! 

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