Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Full Series Review: Witch Song

Series: Witch Song, 3 Books
Author: Amber Argyle 
Release dates: September 2011 - January 2014 
Published by: Starling Publishing 
Rating of the series: 4 of 5 stars

Brusenna has lived secluded her whole life hidden in the forrest near her town with only her mother and her protector, Bruke, a large wolfhound. The only time she's been around others is the rare trek to the village for supplies they cannot grow or raise. When Senna's mother leaves on some sort of secret mission and never returns, Senna tries to learn as much about her magic as possible which she has never been allowed to do before. With witch hunters close on her trail she sets out to find her mother and save her all on her own. Along the way she finds a Guardian, Joshen, to help her on her way. Will she survive against the greatest Dark Witch ever, or will she perish along the way just from the journey itself? 

My thoughts: These were fun books. I blew through them reading each in about a day. Not only were they a fantastic price as eBooks for my NOOK app, but they were full of adventure and had a fascinating twist on witches and their magic...

The whole world that Argyle created is one of beauty, danger and magic which was just cool as can be. I loved how the witches were organized and the way their magic worked. I had never read a story where their magic was so connected to nature which was fantastic. 

The story was also full of mystery after mystery throughout the series which kept me interested the entire time. I will admit that the 3rd book really through me off, and was really more of a story I would expect as a prequel or novella which is extra story about the world, or characters but not about the actual characters who are in the first 2 books at all. It was certainly interesting back story, but if I had realized what it was about I wouldn't have purchased or read it. Oh well, it as still interesting. 

Senna is a character who's growth is amazing from not only a young lady to a woman, but as an untrained witch into an extremely knowledgable and strong witch. That is one of the things I really liked about this story. We get to be along for that growth, and her need for knowledge and reading about it on her own when she doesn't have anyone else is very appealing. Senna is also a really good person showing kindness to some whom others do not even notice as worthy of their time. This also makes her an extremely appealing character throughout the story. 

The rest of the witches throughout the books are found within a wide spectrum of personalities. They are mentors, friends, hard, dark, and suspicious. So much happens in these 3 books and you feel so much of the roller coaster of emotions that Senna is on. Argyle is a fun writer to read. 

If you haven't given this series a chance yet, you should. 

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