Thursday, May 12, 2016

My 1st Day EVER @BEA...

BEA has been in NYC for the last 15 years which means I haven't been able to afford attending. This year it's in Chicago! That I can do. = YAY! 

After registering, I was instantly equally excited and nervous. I have only ever been to one other large book/librarian conference before = ALAMW15. It was at the very same convention center which helped a bit because I feel comfy with the hotel and convention center, plus at the last minute a pal and fellow teacher librarian decided to carpool with me. BUT, today and yesterday has included so many 1sts:

  • Driving into downtown Chicago to McCormick Place. 
  • Getting a taxi - which I didn't do because after waiting in line for 45 minutes I decided I was going to be late to a dinner at another hotel and ran for my car instead. 
  • Driving right downtown from my hotel to another and back again alone and at night. 
  • Paying for unbelievably expensive parking for 3 hours during a Children's Librarian Dinner I attended. 
  • Attended an event completely on my own - BEA today and the Children's Librarian Dinner tonight. 
  • Met 7 authors I have never met before. 
  • Made a great connection with a publisher. 
Today was a day of wandering, networking and chatting with publishers, authors and more. My feet ache SO darn much, but I already set my alarm for a ridiculous time in the morning as and will be back at it again tomorrow with another full schedule for the day. :) Here are a few pix from today...

I can't wait to see what comes next tomorrow! Have you ever been to a large book or librarian convention?

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