Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Review: The Terrible Two

The Terrible Two 
Series: The Terrible Two 
Authors: Jory John & Mac Barnett 
Illustrated by: Kevin Cornell 
Release date: 
Published by: Abrams 

This book is full of mischief, wows, laughs and cows. Lots of cows. This book's Principal Barkin main goal is to suspend Miles. Miles' main goal is to fit in and be the prankster he was in his old school. Then there is Niles, and his goal is to become The Terrible Two with Miles. It's prankster v. prankster. So that means excitement, mischief and lots of pranks. 

My thoughts: This book is awesomely insane. I loved it because the pranks are hilarious and funny. The pictures tell the story for you because they have a lot of character to them. 

I totally recommend it to all ages, especially boys and pranksters. I can't wait to read the next one. 

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