Monday, March 27, 2017

Top 10 Authors We...

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Top 10 Authors We Are DYING to Meet & Can't Believe We Met...

1. Raina Telgemeier - I know that her life inspired her books, but I want to ask her what exactly made her write her books. She is the author of my FAVORITE books and I've read them all over and over and over. Mom got to meet her and got Ghost signed by her for me at BEA but I would really LOVE to meet her in person. 

2. Lynda Mullaly Hunt - Fish in a Tree is my ALL TIME FAVORITE book. I would like to know what inspired her to write such a meaningful book. 

3. Rick Riordan - I really like his books. 

4. Lauren DeStefano - I like how she writes with expression. Her books are really good. 

5. Ellen Hopkins - I cannot believe Ange and I met her this last fall. I was thrilled to meet the person who opened my eyes to writing in verse. 

6. Rick Riordan - I would really like to meet him to talk to him about his Percy Jackson series.  

7. Chris Crutcher - I would love to meet him to talk to him about what inspires his books. Why cancer? Where does all of the emotion come from? 

8. Holly Black & Cassandra Clare - As usual I'm going to cheat and use these 2 as one since I met them both together for the first time while they were promoting the first book in the Magisterium series. I try very hard to be chill at all times about meeting people, but this was one of the first times I seriously FAILED!! I was SO FANGIRLING!!! And then they BOTH sat by me!!! AHHHH!!! It was SO hard to be chill and not run around crazy squealing. #adultingishard

9. Sherri L. Smith - I met Sherri this last fall at a YA Conference and I again FAILED at being chill. I was literally shaking when we took a picture together. AHHH! Her book, Orleans, is one of the best books I've ever read. Plus, she was an incredible speaker and writes in whatever genre she wants instead of staying in one or two areas only. 

10. Anne Greenwood Brown - Anne is one of those people I am SO thankful to have met in life. She was the first author I got to choose to visit one of my school libraries and facilitate the hiring, decorating, scheduling, etc. all myself. She's the reason I got to go back to Bayfield, WI, for the 2nd time where my favorite pizza in the WHOLE world lives and it's one of my favorite towns. It's gorgeous and quaint. She's the one who introduced my entire family to the AMAZING music of A Firm Handshake who changed our lives forever in so many ways as a family. (Below is my favorite song by A Firm Handshake.) PLUS, she has become a great friend I look forward to spending time with anytime we are in the same area. 

What's on your Top 10 this week?


  1. Excellent list! Rick Riordan is on mine too. :)

    1. Whoops just realised I'm signed on my old blog account. Here's the link to my TTT

  2. You got to meet some awesome authors there! Great list!
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