2017 In Review...Now What?

Confession time: I was thinking about last year and was really getting hard on myself about how little I read and blogged. Life seemed so sad from the inauguration, to getting used to my new dog after losing mine, to the girls being busier with things like plays, musicals, 4-H, dance, etc. and helping more and more at the family farm now that my folks are older. Summer was really busy with work, 4-H, and then we bought a camper at the last second before our annual camping adventure. When we got to the fall life just seemed to explode into action and that momentum never slowed down. My aunt was diagnosed and pass away from an incredibly aggressive lung cancer in less then 2 months, my little Reaghan had an emergency appendectomy, and on and on it went. 

I decided to take a look at what Goodreads had to tell me about my data from books in 2017:

So not too terrible really. My reading challenge didn't go so well that's for sure. I did read books though which is good. I really didn't blog much at all and that needs a serious kick in the butt! Reaghan and I have been talking about ways to get back in the flow of things but then we just get distracted by a very addictive puzzle app, or busy, or sleepy :P These all sound like sad excuses now that I'm writing them. Ugh! 

Ok, 2018...
My reading is already going better this year having just started my 4th book already of 2018. 
I seem to be more excited about writing reviews again and just need to get into the habit of it again. I also think I will let Reaghan start doing video reviews if she wants. She has been asking to do other videos, and I am just not that confident about being on screen. As a mom I want her to be confident though so I guess I need to put my actions where my mouth is and just do it! 

How was 2017 for you? Do have goals for 2018, or things you'd like to better this year?