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Cheering on the Badgers!
I am MarmaladeLibby (aka Ange Schmelzer)
By day I am the 6-12 District LMC Director for the School District of Monroe working 1:1 with both the Monroe Middle School and High School in Monroe, WI where I promote books to 100's of 6-12 grade students, staff, and parents while also integrating technology into every aspect of the library and classrooms.
BEST. PIZZA. EVER. @Ethel's in Bayfield, WI

By night I am a rockstar! Ok, maybe not a rockstar, but I AM a mother of 2 teenage daughters, a watcher of movies and Netflix, a lover of music (especially Florence + the Machine), an avid pizza eater, a former band geek and show choir performer, a habitual historical site and museum visitor, a lover of dogs and cats, a buyer of those signs big and small with sayings and quotes and basically a goofball of sarcasm with CRAZY curly hair!
By midnight (I don't sleep much) I am a book blogger, podcast and jigsaw addict.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education Degree in Secondary English Education and Library Media from The University of Wisconsin- Whitewater. I have ALWAYS been a reader and being a school librarian is
literally a dream job because not only do I get to pick the books out for 2 school libraries, but I also get to gush about these books with all the kids, staff and parents who walk into our libraries. I mean really... how cool is that!? :D Plus, now the girls have started reading all the really good YA books! Love it!

Finally a Disney Princess for me!
My favorite place in the world is ANY library or bookstore where I love to get lost and secretly hope they'll lock up and not notice me still sitting there in a chair (or on the floor). My second favorite place in the world is anywhere there are mountains and COLD weather that includes SNOW!!! 

LibbyReads (a.k.a. Rachel Showers)
My partner in crime, I mean books, is Rachel. Rachel is an English Teacher at Monroe High School. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree in Secondary English Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters of Science in Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction: Literacy 6-12 from Walden University.

Dairy Cow
She lives in a small-ish town where the claims to fame include Cheese Days every other year, the oldest brewery in the Midwest and 2nd oldest in the USA, Colony Brands and a cheese factory that is the only one in the United States that produces Limburger Cheese. (However, it happens to be a very stinky cheese that I think smells like rotten feet!) Other than Limburger, any milk products are a favorite of Rachel's and since she grew up on a dairy farm, that's not surprising. 

Nancy Drew on the case!
A lover of books, Rachel has been reading since she was young. She grew up in a family of readers, and carries the same passion her parents have for books. Her mom gave her a collection of Nancy Drew books when she was in elementary school and that led to her reading The Babysitter's Club books (and borrowing her mom's old typewriter to create her own stories.) In junior high, she ate up all the R.L. Stine mysteries and became a fan of romance. Throughout high school, romance reigned supreme and so did fantasy. Now, she enjoys a wide variety of books, including well-written memoirs that have wit, grit and humor. Of course, YA fantasy tends to be on the top of the list more often than not!

What else could be better!?
What else does Rachel love? Her family, of course. But more importantly, shoes, jewelry and clothes! Rachel has been known to complain that she has nothing to wear, but if one were to look in her closet (stuffed-to-the-brim) and her spare bedroom (piled high), one would be hard pressed to believe her. And, yet...the final item that belongs on the list of Rachel's loves is chocolate! Yummmmmmmmmmm! Who doesn't love the richness and bite of a sliver of dark chocolate or the creamy, smooth texture of sweet milk chocolate? Well, Rachel certainly does. :) Do you?

The teens of Libby Blog
Mallory is my oldest. She loves to be creative whether that means she is trying out an instrument, learning a new way to create art, or trying out a new sport. Oh how I adore her bravery in trying new things. This even extends to books. I tend to stick with what I know I love for genres while she will try new things every other day. She will even try new foods! That is practically unheard of in our family! It took me about 30 years to want to do that. ;)

Right now, the thing that is truly blowing my mind about Mallory is how she is annihilating books! WOW! If only I could talk her into writing more reviews, we would have one a day on here! She's an amazing reader who's retention is incredibly impressive.

Finnick looks gorgeous
Reaghan is the baby who not only loves to read, but also loves to write! She likes to play sports, and when she gets a chance she LOVES to cuddle, cuddle, cuddle! This tends to work out pretty great with reading. Reaghan has always been into learning in the kitchen, but she's especially into baking. Cupcakes are her specialty!  Lately she's very into writing stories of her own, and reading over and over Raina Telgemeier's graphic novels. :) She has really gotten into graphic novels. If you have another author to suggest for her, please send them our way! OR, if you have a comic book series for her that would be excellent! We are really into the superhero movies at our house and trying to figure out what the best way would be to get into the comic books that inspired the movies. Any ideas out there?  

SO excited about new books! LOVE IT!

That's us! The girls of Libby Blog!