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All reviews are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name…well I am a librarian ya know!


Abe, Shana The Deepest Night
Abe, Shana The Sweetest Dark
Adams, Ivy The International Kissing Club
Alender, Katie Famous Last Words
Alender, Katie Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer
Alexovich, Aaron kimmie66
Anastasiu, Heather Glitch
Anderson, Jodi Lynn Tiger Lily
Anderson, Laurie Halse Wintergirls
Angelini, Josephine Starcrossed
Argyle, Amber Witch Song (full series) 
Armentrout, Jennifer Lux (full series)
Armstrong, Kelley The Awakening
Armstrong, Kelley, The Gathering
Armstrong, Kelley The Reckoning
Armstrong, Kelley The Summoning
Armstrong, Kelley Women of the Otherworld 
Ashton, Brodi Everneath
Avery, Lara Anything but Ordinary
Aveyard, Victoria Red Queen 

Bachorz, Pam Candor
Baldwin, Kathleen A School for Unusual Girls 
Balog, Cyn Touched
Banks, Anna Nemesis 
Bao, Karen Dove Arising
Barakiva, Michael One Man Guy 
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn All In 
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Killer Instinct 
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn The Naturals
Barnett, Mac The Terrible Two 
Barrie, J.M. Peter Pan
Barson, K.A. 45 Pounds
Bates, Marni Awkwardly Ever After
Benway, Robin Also Known As 
Benway, Robin Going Rogue 
Berry, Julie The Amaranth Enchantment
Berry, Nina Otherkin
Black, Holly The Copper Gauntlet 
Black, Holly The Cruel Prince 
Black, Holly Good Neighbors: Kind
Black, Holly Good Neighbors: Kith
Black, Holly The Iron Trial
Black, Holly The Poison Eaters and Other Stories
Black, Holly White Cat
Bow, Erin The Scorpion Rules 
Bracken, Alexandra Passenger 
Brennan, Sarah Rees Tell the Wind and Fire 
Brennan, Sarah Rees Unspoken
Bridges, Robin The Gathering Storm 
Bridges, Robin The Morning Star
Bridges, Robin The Unfailing Light
Bright, Amy Before We Go
Brosgol, Vera Anya’s Ghost
Brown, Anne Greenwood Deep Betrayal
Brown, Anne Greenwood Lies Beneath
Bryan, J.L. Nomad 
Burroughs, Edgar Rice Tarzan Series (1-3) 

Cabot, Meg Underworld
Calonita, Jen Belles
Calonita, Jen Charmed 
Calonita, Jen Flunked 
Cameron, Sharon The Dark Unwinding
Cameron, Sharon A Spark Unseen
Campbell, Ross Water Baby
Carey, Mike et all The Re-gifters
Carriger, Gail Curtsies & Conspiracies
Carriger, Gail Etiquette & Espionage
Carriger, Gail Waistcoats & Weaponry
Carson, Rae The Girl of Fire and Thorns
Carter, Ally All Fall Down  
Carter, Ally Heist Society
Carter, Ally Uncommon Criminals  
Casanova, Mary Frozen
Cashore, Kristin Fire
Cast, Kristin Amber Smoke 
Cherry, Alison For Real
Chaltas, Thalia I Am Furniture
Cherry, Alison For Real
Childs, Tera Lynn Sweet Legacy
Childs, Tera Lynn Sweet Shadows
Childs, Tera Lynn Sweet Venom 
Clayton, Emma The Roar
Clayton, Emma The Whisper
Clare, Cassandra City of Ashes
Clare, Cassandra City of Bones
Clare, Cassandra City of Glass
Cleary, Beverly Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Coakley, Lena Witchlanders 
Coben, Harlan Shelter
Colasanti, Susane Keep Holding On
Cole, Courtney Dante's Girl
Colfer, Eoin Artemis Fowl
Collins, Suzanne Catching Fire
Collins, Suzanne The Hunger Games
Collins, Suzanne Mockingjay
Condie, Ally Matched
Cook, Trish A Really Awesome Mess
Cordova, Zoraida Labyrinth Lost 
Corral, Alberto My Monster Burrufu
Crompton, Laurie Boyle Adrenaline Crush 
Cross, Kady The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Cross, Kady The Girl In the Steel Corset
Cross, Shauna Whip It
Croucher, A.D. Altered
Croucher, A.D. Corrupted 
Cruz, Melissa de la Misguided Angel
Cruz, Melissa de la Bloody Valentine
Cruz, Melissa de la Lost in Time 
Cruz, Melissa de la The Van Alan Legacy
Cruz, Melissa de la Witches of East End
Curley, Marianne Hidden
Curtis, Marci Lyn The One Thing 
Cypress, Leah Nightspell 

Dee, Barbara Halfway Normal 
Delany, Shannon Stormbringer
Delany, Shannon Weather Witch
Delsol, Wendy Frost 
Delsol, Wendy Stork 
Dennard, Susan Something Strange and Deadly
DeStefano, Lauren A Curious Tale of the In-between 
DeWoskin, Rachel Blind
DiCamillo, Kate Tale of Despereaux 
Dixon, Heather Entwined
Doerr, Anthony All the Light We Cannot See 
Dolamore, Jaclyn Magic Under Glass
Dolamore, Jaclyn Magic Under Stone
Donnelly, Jennifer Revolution 
Donnelly, Jennifer These Shallow Graves 

Ellison, Danielle Salt 
Ellison, Danielle, Storm 
Ely, Lindsay Gunslinger Girl 
Ernst, Kathleen Meet Caroline 
Eulberg, Elizabeth The Great Shelby Holmes 

Falls, Kat Dark Life
Falls, Kat Rip Tide
Finn, Alex Beastly
Finn, Katie Broken Hearts, Fences and Other Things to Mend
Fiore, Kelly Just Like the Movies
Fisher, Catherine Incarceron
Flinn, Alex Cloaked
Flore, Kelly Just Like the Movies 
Forman, Gayle If I Stay 
Frenette, Bethany Dark Star
Frost, Mark The Paladin Prophecy

Galante, Cecilia The Sweetness of Salt
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret Beautiful Chaos
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret Beautiful Creatures
Garcia, Kami & Stohl, Margaret Beautiful Darkness
Garlick, Jacqueline Lumiere 
 Gier, Kerstin Dream a Little Dream
Gleason, Colleen The Clockwork Scarab
Goeglein, T.M. Cold Fury
Goeglein, T.M. Flicker & Burn 
Gosling, Sharon The Diamond Thief
Gosling, Sharon The Ruby Airship 
Gier, Kerstin Sapphire Blue 
Gratton, Tessa The Lost Sun
Gratton, Tessa The Strange Maid
Graudin, Ryan Wolf by Wolf Duology 
Gray, Claudia Fateful
Green, John The Fault In Our Stars
Green, John Paper Towns
Grey, Melissa The Girl at Midnight 
Griffin, Bethany Masque of Red Death
Grogan, John Marley and Me 

Hiaasen, Carl Chomp
Hale, Shannon A Book of a Thousand Days
Hale, Shannon Enna Burning
Hale, Shannon Forest Born
Hale, Shannon The Goose Girl
Hale, Shannon River Secrets
Halpern, Julie Into the Wild Nerd Yonder
Halpin, Brendan A Really Awesome Mess
Hamilton, Alwyn Rebel of the Sands 
Hands, Cynthia Unearthly 
Harvey, Alyxandra Haunting Violet 
Hawkins, Rachel Demonglass
Hawkins, Rachel Hex Hall
Hawkins, Rachel Rebel Belle 
Helvig, Kristi Burn Out
Helvig, Kristi Strange Skies 
Henderson, Lauren Flirting In Italian
Henry, Esther Nali
Hesse, Karen Witness
Hiaasen, Carl Skink 
Hickman, Jessica The Revealed
Hieber, Leanna Renee Darker Still
Hieber, Leanna Renee The Twisted Tragedy of Miss Natalie Stewart 
Hoben, Julia Willow
Hopkins, Ellen Tricks
Howard, A.G. Splintered
Howard, A.G. Unhinged 
Hummer, Patricia K. Nature's Power 
Hunt, Lynda Mullaly Fish in a Tree 


Jahren, Hope Lab Girl 
James, Syrie & James, Ryan Forbidden
Jay, Stacey Juliet Immortal
Jay, Stacey Romeo Redeemed 
Jenkins, Emily Toys Meet Snow 
John, Jory The Terrible Two 
Johnson, Alaya Dawn The Summer Prince 
Johnson, Christine (ed.) Grim 

Kagawa, Julie The Immortal Rules (by Ange) (by Rachel)
Kagawa, Julie The Iron Daughter
Kagawa, Julie The Iron King
Kagawa, Julie The Iron Queen
Karr, Julia XVI
Kaufman, Amie Unearthed 
Kaufman, Amie Illuminae 
Kavoc, Tommy Wonderland
Kemmerer, Brigid, Elemental
Kemmerer, Brigid Fearless
Kemmerer, Brigid Sacrifice 
Kemmerer, Brigid Secret
Kemmerer, Brigid Spark
Kemmerer, Brigid Spirit
Kemmerer, Brigid Storm 
Kenneally, Miranda Breathe, Annie, Breathe
Kim, Derek Kirk Good as Lily
Kim, Yong-bin & Meyer, Stephenie Twilight: the graphic novel, volume 1
Kincaid, S.J. Insignia 
Kline, Christine Baker Orphan Train
Konigsberg, Bill Openly Straight
Kontis, Alethea Enchanting
Kottaras, E. Katherine How to be Brave 
Kress, Adrienne The Friday Society 
Kriegman, Mitchell Being Audrey Hepburn 
Kristoff, Jay Illuminae 
Krys, Michelle Charmed 
Krys, Michelle Hexed
Kwitney, Alisa & Jones, Joella Token

LaCour, Nina Hold Still
LaFevers, Robin (R.L.) Dark Triumph 
LaFevers, Robin (R.L.) Grave Mercy
LaFevers, Robin (R.L.) Mortal Heart
Lagos, Alexander & Lagos, Joseph The Sons of Liberty
Landers, Melissa Starflight 
Larbalestier, Justine Liar
Larsen, Hope & L'Engle, Madeleine A Wrinkle in Time: the graphic novel
Larsen, Hope Mercury
Lavoie, Jennifer Andy Squared
Layne, Steven Igniting a Passion for Reading
Lasky, Kathryn Lone Wolf 
Lewis, Stewart You Have Seven Messages
Lindner, April Love, Lucy 
Liu, Na & Martinez, Andres Vera Little White Duck
Lloyd-Jones, Emily Illusive 
Lore, Pitticus I Am Number Four
Lo, Malinda Ash

Maas, Sarah A Court of Mist and Fury 
Maas, Sarah J. A Court of Thorns and Roses
Maas, Sarah J. Crown of Midnight 
Maas, Sarah J. Heir of Fire 
Maas, Sarah J. Throne of Glass 
MacCullough, Carolyn Once a Witch
Mackler, Carolyn Tangled
Mafi, Tahereh Destroy Me
Mafi, Tahereh Ignite Me
Mafi, Tahereh Shatter Me
Mafi, Tahereh Unravel Me
Maniscalco, Kerri Stalking Jack the Ripper 
Marks, Daniel Velveteen 
Marr, Melissa The Arrivals 
Marr, Melissa Darkest Mercy
Marr, Melissa Fragile Eternity
Marr, Melissa Ink Exchange
Marr, Melissa Old Habits
Marr, Melissa Radiant Shadows
Marr, Melissa Stopping Time
Marr, Melissa Wicked Lovely
Matharu, Taren The Battlemage 
Matharu, Taran The Inquisition 
Matharu, Taran The Novice 
Mathieu, Jennifer The Truth About Alice
Matson, Morgan Since You've Been Gone 
Mattick, Lindsay Finding Winnie 
McBride, Regina Fire Opal
McCullough, Kathy Don't Expect Magic
McDonald, Abby The Anti-prom
McDonnell, Patrick Me...Jane
McEntire, Myra Hourglass
McEntire, Myra Timepiece
McGarry, Katie Pushing the Limits
McGurk, Monica Dark Hope 
McGurk, Monica Dark Rising 
McIntosh, Will Burning Midnight 
Mead, Richelle Vampire Academy
Mead, Richelle Frostbite
Mead, Richelle Shadow Kiss
Mead, Richelle Blood Promise
Mead, Richelle Spirit Bound
Mead, Richelle Last Sacrifice
Mechner, Jordan Prince of Persia
Meloy, Maile The Apothecary 
Mercer, Christina Arrow of the Mist
Metcalf, Dawn Indelible
Metcalf, Dawn Invisible 
Meyer, Marissa Cinder
Meyers, J. Imaginable
Meyers, J. Indomitable 
Meyers, J. Intangible
Meyers, J. Intuition
Mingle, Pamela Kissing Shakespeare
Morgan, Page The Beautiful and the Cursed
Morgan, Page The Lovely and the Lost 
Moskowitz, Hannah A History of Glitter and Blood 
Moyes, Jojo Me Before You 

National Geographic Kids Weird but True! 4 
Noel, Alyson Blue Moon
Noel, Alyson Evermore

O'Brien, Caragh M. The Vault of Dreamers
O’Conner, George The Olympians: Athena
O’Conner, George The Olympians: Zeus

Paige, Danielle Dorothy Must Die
Paige, Danielle The Wicked Will Rise 
Paterson, Katherine Bridge to Terabithia
Patterson, James The Angel Experiment
Patterson, James School’s Out Forever
Pearce, Jackson Fathomless
Pearson, Mary E. The Kiss of Deception 
Perry, Michael Population 485
Peterfreund, Diana For Darkness Shows the Stars 
Pfeifer, Will H-E-R-O: Powers and Abilities
Pierce, Tamora Mastiff
Pilkey, Dav Dog Man 
Plum, Amy Die for Me
Plum, Amy Until I Die
Pope, Paul The Fall of the West 
Price, Lissa Enders
Price, Lissa Starters 
Prince, Liz Tomboy: a graphic memoir 
Purdy, Rebekah The Winter People 


Reichs, Kathy Virals
Riggs, Ransom Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 
Riordon, Rick The Lightening Thief
Riordon, Rick The Mark of Athena
Rivers, Karen The Encyclopedia of Me
Rocco, John Blackout
Rosenfield, Kat Amelia Dead and Gone
Rossi, Veronica Under the Never Sky
Roth, Veronica Allegiant
Roth, Veronica Divergent
Roth, Veronica Insurgent
Rozett, Louise Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend 
Rozett, Louise Confessions of an Angry Girl
Ryan, Carrie The Dark and Hollow Places
Ryan, Carrie The Dead-tossed Waves

Salisbury, Melinda The Sin Eater's Daughter
Scandiffio, Laura People Who Said No: courage against oppression
Schaefer, Carole Lexa Monkey and Elephant
Scheier, Leah Your Voice Is All I Hear 
Schmidt, Tiffany Hold Me Like a Breath 
Schons, Christopher Earthlight, Volume 1
Schons, Christopher Earthlight, Volume 2 
Smith, Sherri L. Orleans 
Snyder, Maria Shadow Study 
Spooner, Meagan Unearthed 
Spotswood, Jessica Born Wicked
Spotswood, Jessia Star Cursed
Stiefvater, Maggie Blue Lily, Lily Blue
Stiefvater, Maggie The Dream Thieves
Stiefvater, Maggie Forever
Stiefvater, Maggie Linger
Stiefvater, Maggie The Raven Boys
Stiefvater, Maggie Shiver
Stockett, Kathryn The Help
Stohl, Margaret Black Widow 
Stone, Tamara Ireland Time Between Us
Strauss, Lee Perception 
Sullivan, Kiki The Dolls
Summers, Courtney All the Rage  
Swendson, Shanna Rebel Mechanics  


Tamaki, Mariko Skim
Tamaki, Mariko & Roiston, Steve Emiko Superstar
Telgemeier, Raina The Baby-sitters Club: Kristy's Great Idea
Telgemeier, Raina Drama
Telgemeier, Raina Ghosts 
Telgemeier, Raina Smile
Terrill, Cristin All Our Yesterdays 
Timberlake, Amy One Came Home
Tintera, Amy Reboot
Tomilson, Heather Toads and Diamonds
Toten, Teresa The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B 
Trent, Tiffany The Unnaturalists 
Trumble, J.H. Just Between Us 


Vaughan, Brian K. Pride of Baghdad
Vivian, Siobhan The List 

Waller, Sharon Biggs The Forbidden Orchid 
Walton, K.M. Empty
Wang, Jennifer The Prince and the Dressmaker 
Wasserman, Rachel The Book of Blood and Shadow 
Wasserman, Rachel Skinned
Watson, Andi Clubbing
Weir, Andy The Martian 
Weitz, Chris The Young World 
Wells, Dan Fragments
Wells, Dan Partials 
Wells, Dan Ruins
Werlin, Nancy Impossible
Westerfeld, Scott The Secret Hour
Whaley, John Corey Where Things Come Back 
Wharton, Edith Age of Innocence
White, Kiersten Illusions of Fate
Whitney, Daisy The Mockingbirds
Willems, Mo The Story of Diva and Flea 
Wood, Fiona Six Impossible Things 
Wooding, Chris Pale
Woon, Yvonne Dead Beautiful
Workman, RaShelle Blood and Snow Series
Wrede, Patricia Thirteenth Child


Yolen, Jane Curses! Foiled Again 
Yolen, Jane Foiled

Zelinsky, Paul Toys Meet Snow 
Zink, Michelle This Wicked Game