Review Policy

We accept books for review from both publishers and authors. We love to read and review ARCs, published books, or indie books. We are also happy to read and review eBooks that can be read on our iPads. We will try to do our best to read and review books in a timely fashion. If you have a "to be read by date," let us know so we can let you know if reviewing your book will work for one of us. We try to be as honest as possible with book reviews. If we do not like a book we will explain why, while also listing who may like it and why even though we did not. We will not be rude, disrespectful, mocking or inappropriate about any author or a book. As a school librarian and an English Teacher, we try to always be as respectful as possible because being a good role model is always first and foremost in our minds for our students.

As our blog name says, Ange is a school librarian with 2 school libraries covering grades 6-12 and Rachel is a high school English Teacher, and as such we are voracious readers of young adult books. We mostly read fiction. Ange's favorites are syfy, fantasy, steampunk, dystopians, fairy-tale retellings, and what she calls "broken girl books". Rachel's favorites are chick lit, romance, memoirs, dystopians, fantasy, adventure and paranormal elements with the books she reads. She also loves comedy; a main character with wit or slap-stick style clumsiness is always a hoot for her. 

Our reviews will include the title, author, release date, cover image, summary and our thoughts. We will also include the publisher and a link to the book on Goodreads. If there is other general information you would like us to include please let us know.

We love YA lit and promoting it! It's what we do for a living as a school librarian and an English teacher! We are happy to host giveaways, do author interviews and/or spotlights, book trailer announcements or cover reveals! Just ask!

We'll post our reviews on this blog, Goodreads, and mention it on twitter (@marmaladelibby and @libbyreads), Amazon and iTunes. We will also email a copy to you if you would like. 

Thank you for considering Libby Blog for reviewing your book(s). We would love to partner with you in getting the word out. Feel free to contact us  at: